Here at PLR4WP, there are several ‘Lists’ and you may have subscribed to many of them over time.

This page is here for you to select (or de-select) the different lists available.

These lists boil down to two types – update notifications and WordPress information.

The updates are delivered to the owners of available Volumes. NOTE: You do NOT have to be an owner of a Volume to subscribe to that update list here on this page. For example, when I send out update notifications for Volume 1, I also include the All-Access (Lifetime and Annual) Pass list.


So if you were to subscribe to the All-Access list then you will get notified anytime there is an update for any of the Volumes. That is perfectly fine with me. Who knows, maybe after you see that a particular Volume has been updated, you will want to purchase it if you do not already own it.

As always, if you have questions, suggestions, or comments, please let me know.